How to Glaze a Window

To seal your windows properly so that there is no unwanted water and air, glazing ought to be replaced after a certain period. Although glazing demands some time and skill, it is possible for you to do it by yourself by using the tips explained below.

Gather your supplies. You need to ensure you have all the supplies you will need to glaze your window. The things that will help you glaze a window correctly include putty, a putty knife, clean rags, sandpaper, paintbrushes, paint, adhesive tape, and more. Chances are, most of these items are in your house or garage but if you do not have them, they are available at your local hardware.

Ensure you get rid of the old putty as well as glass. Ensure a newspaper is taped on each side of the pane. Secondly, use a hammer to destroy the glass then pull it out of the pane. Next, loosen up the putty using the putty knife. In case the putty gives stress in coming out when a knife is being used, use a blow torch to get it melted. Ensure you separate metal fasteners and the frames.

Ensure you make the wood smooth. You should use the sandpaper to make the wood smooth. After the wood has been made smooth, treat it using the oil-based primer after which it should be sealed. Applying the primer is beneficial because it keeps the wood from absorbing oil which can make the glazing to have cracks very soon, an aspect that leads to more drafts. Leave the primer for about 24 hours to dry.

Ensure you knead the putty. After the putty is kneaded till soft put it along the inside of the panes then press it using your fingers. Using the putty knife, press it as tight as you can. After putting the putty, fix the new glass.

Apply new glazing. Place glazier points at the center of the window pane and press the point into place using the putty knife. Ensure all the sides of the window pane have glazier points then apply new glazing on each side of the window frame. Apply pressure to make sure the glass pane is held securely by the glazing. Ensure you remove the excess putty.

Ensure you permit the glazing to dry then paint it. Allow the glazing to dry for about 10 days. You could get irritated seeing fingerprints all over the glass but never clean it until it dries up. With the use of the oil-based primer and paint, clean up the window while ensuring it matches with the other windows of your house.

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