Leading Celebrities That Beat Addiction

Drug use costs the economy about 600 billion dollars. It is common to find celebrities who are addicted to substance abuse. Celebrities along do not account for the loss of the 600 billion dollars of public funds, but they still contribute to the usage of the coffer. Keep reading here to discover some of the leading celebrities who have successfully overcome the substance abuse problem.

One of the substance addicted celebrities who have managed to complete rehabilitation process is Kelly Osbourne. She was admitted in rehabilitation facilities up to four times. At some point, she was taken to a mental health care facility. On many occasions, she has been fighting with relapse temptations. Both her brother and father have also enrolled in rehabs and managed to beat their addictions. She was addicted even when her family had a reality TV show.

Elton John has had a successful music career spanning over three decades. He was addicted during the AIDS crisis that affected the U. S. Elton saw some of the lives of his friends were ruined by successful temptation on the go. His decision to quit drug abuse paid off since he claims to have stayed drugs free for 30 years. There are some people who claim that substance abuse improve musicians creativity. However, Elton John refutes the claims since most of most memorable songs have been sung after he stopped substance abuse.

Ben Affleck never came forward about his alcoholism problem However, he immediately joined a rehab facility after the addiction became public knowledge. Although it is challenging to stay away from abusing drugs, Affleck is one of the best examples of successful addicts as he continues to fight crime as Batman now.

Robert Downey Jr. arrest when driving under the influence of heroin and cocaine was his rock bottom. His case was bad because police also found a loaded weapon in his car. He further suffered a major drawback after he was found passed out on a the bed of a minor at his neighbors house. Some naysayers argued that Downey Jr.s career was destroyed by the drug scandals he suffered at the peak of his addiction. Nevertheless, he managed to do away with drugs and is currently back in the Team Avengers.

Lindsay Lohan was a child prodigy as she had managed to make big money and fan base as a minor. Many child actors often face challenges growing up. The acquisition of wealth does not always guarantee that they will have an excellent lifestyle. In fact, most of the child celebrities end up abusing substances with the big money they make. For now, Lohan is on rehabilitation treatment so she can quit substance abuse.

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