Significance of Shield of Faith Mission

In the year 2011, the shield of faith mission was set up. It was focused on causing transformations to the world in a more automatic manner. It is composed of missionaries, health care professionals, group leaders, veterans, contractors, volunteers and many more. All these people have a soft spot for what they can do best and make a positive change. They are aimed to give support to those people who are greatly affected by war and offer them necessary help that is essential for cubing their scars.

One advantage that comes along with this mission is that it helps one acquire the positive aspect of life and also gives a reason as to why you ought to continue living a straightforward life. Scars that were left in the lives of those veterans of war were meant to be healed by this missions program. Offering tools that are vital in fighting all the negative results of war is a duty carried out by this mission.

You can get encouragement about life both as veteran or an individual through the mission. About 20 veterans end up committing suicide daily. The shield of faith mission usually targets to reduce this number to zero. The mission makes donations that are essential to fight against veteran suicide. Healing the wounds of war on the affected individuals both physical and mental is the duty of the shield of faith mission. The mission in turn awards as a sign of appreciation to those individuals who commit themselves and give donations. Those given prices are the people who do their offerings on a monthly basis. In a case where you have made your donation, you are offered a token which can be a coffee mug or any other form.

Giving the teenagers and youths reasons of pressing on and living joyful as well as productive lives is a task carried out by the mission. Teens who are active in their religion are less prone to find themselves in problems. The shield of faith mission aims at helping the youths live their lives based on gospel principles. The mission offers youths with relevant skills and knowledge to differentiate between good and bad at any given point in their lives. With this then the affected veterans are able to live a more joyful and healthy life. Most veterans from shield of faith are living testimonies to the world.

This mission has an academy that offers education to the people affected directly and even ordinary people who may need to get relevant knowledge on how to deal with difficult situations as well as living positively.

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