What you Should Know About Prison Psychology

It is a nightmare to many people when they get to imagine themselves or any of their loved ones as prisoners. When you happen to get yourself in prison, just know that you will be governed by harsh rules whenever you are there and you do not have any freedom to make your own choices. People in prison have tough times that the experience in there also traumatizes them explaining why they develop a number of mental problems. Therefore, down here are some important points such as Alamo City Bail Bonds that you need to know about prison psychology.

The fast thing that affects the prison psychology is that you are not the same person. When you have not gone to prison or relate with a former inmate, please do not say that people dont change. It will also be wrong for you to say that after childhood, someones personality cannot change. The wise thing for you to know is that our personalities can be affected by our experience. Research has proven that having being locked in prison for a long period of time can change the person that you are. Prisoners who have also served short term sin prison come out of the prison as different people.

Being paranoid about other people is the other prison psychology that you need to know. When you are sent to prison, you are likely to meet different prisoners who have committed different acts and this can be so hard for you as a new prisoner. You are also likely to experience the constant fear of violence and abuse from other inmates. This is the main reason why prisoners do feel safe in there. After the such an experience, once the prisoner is released, they struggle with relationships and trust issues. A condition known as chronic paranoia is what they suffer from.

The other effect of the prison psychology is that you become dependent on rules and routines. This is because, when you are in prison, you are governed by rules. As a result, many prisoners become dependent to those rules and they cannot operate without them and this it difficult for them to give up the rules after they have been released.

Emotional numbing is the last effect of the prison psychology. When you are in prison, it is impossible for you to show that you are emotional vulnerable due to the constant violence and threats that you may face. That is why you have to show how strong you are in order to dissuade other inmates that want to harm you. As a result, once you are released for prison, it becomes hard for you to express yourself emotionally as this kind of experience makes you hard and more distant. You are also likely to suffer from a condition known as extreme low neuroticism where you do not have feelings for other people.

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