Attributes of the Paper Shredder You Are Looking For

According to reports, a lot of people are affected directly or indirectly by identity theft. Reports also show that more than $16 million were stolen through identity theft. Identity theft is the use of another persons details to receive financial benefits such as credit. The papers you have put in the trash can offer the info needs by an identity thief. It is therefore advisable to have a good paper shredder. Once you destroy confidential and private documents using a good paper shredder, a person will not be able to retrieve any info from the small pieces of paper. The following are features of the paper shredder you need to ensure that your information in the trash cant be retrieved.

Before you order for a paper shredder, you need to consider the size. Paper shredders designed to be used in offices are bigger than those which are used in homes. There are other paper shredders which are meant for industrial use. Please buy a bigger paper shredder is you have many papers you are supposed to dispose of. A big paper shredder will also eliminate the need of emptying it regularly.

Second, you need to buy a paper shredder with a good collection type. Some paper shredders have bins which are permanently attached to the shredders while others have bins which are detachable. A paper shredder which has a bin which is detachable is the best since you will not have to carry the whole machine for emptying.

The best paper shredders have bigger paper capacities. The paper capacity is the number of papers the machine can shred at a moment. Home shredders have a capability of cutting about five sheets at once while the industrial once can shred about 20 sheets at once. Feeding a paper shredder with too much sheets can make it jam. If you always have many sheets of papers to destroy, you need a paper shredder with a large paper capacity.

Before you order for a paper shredder, you are supposed to consider the runtime. The run time is the time a paper shredder can work continuously before it recharges and cools itself down. The best paper shredders have a run time of more than 30 minutes.

The higher the total speed, the better the paper shredder. Total speed of a paper shredder depends on runtime, paper capacity and feet per minute. The formula of calculating the total speed is multiplying the paper capacity with feet per minute and run time.

Lastly, a good paper shredder should have a higher security level. A good paper shredder should have a security level of above DIN P-6.

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