Important Tips For Building Rooftop Garden

Owing to the rooftop gardens being viewed as visually appealing alongside not being harmful to them, people that reside in the urban areas opt for them. Considering putting up a rooftop garden is advisable if you are living in a place where there is no yard.

Proper preparation of your roof is the place you should begin your rooftop garden work. The loading capacity of your roof is one that you should evaluate. The best way to determine this issue is to hire a structural engineer so that he can advise you accordingly. It is your responsibility to see to it that you are hiring an engineer who has the relevant licenses that authorize him to operate in your area.

Before you commence the work on your rooftop garden, it is essential to be aware of the building codes that exist in your locality. Information will be available to you regarding the applicable restrictions when making the gardens. If you are a tenant, you must seek the permission of your landlord to undertake the work.

You must carefully monitor the exposure of sun on the building where you are doing the project. There is need to ensure that the plants you are growing receives adequate sunlight. Note the patterns of the sunlight during a duration of 1-2 weeks. This ensures that the sunlight on your roof is not obstructed by other buildings.

You need to properly plan for wind exposure before you embark on your rooftop garden project. You will experience stronger winds on the roof compared on the ground. Structural windbreakers can provide relief to the issue of strong winds as they have the potential of damaging or even killing your plants.

Having the map of the rooftop garden you are contemplating on a graph paper is important as it assists to plan the project properly. What you will include in the design is position of the plants and furniture. If you have a change of mind later, you can always go back to the map and do a redesigning.

It is recommended to look for plants that are drought resistant and which can withstand heat that you plan to grow on your rooftop garden. This is important considering the intensity of winds that they are exposed to on the rooftop. You should regularly water the plants.

The plants that are suitable to grow in your rooftop garden are the ones that are native to your locality. They easily act as attraction for local fauna, birds and butterflies. The adaptability of the plants will be easily achieved compared to the ones you may source from outside your area. Your local nursery can provide advice regarding the plants that have a high chance of thriving.

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