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By and large, for years on end we have had the tradition in many of us where we get to such places as New York for a n opportunity to meet some of the popular and out favorite television actors, some go to Nashville for a one on one encounter with their favorite country music singers and still a number have trailed Los Angeles for that chance to meet some of the well known movie personalities or stars. There seems to be a penchant of a kind that we all seem to be caught in and that is for the need to catch up and see some of them go about their ordinary affairs in the real world. By the way, tabloids all over have raked millions in sales of their publications of such celebrities that are all out and about their ordinary affairs such as shopping for groceries and dining out.

As a matter of fact, one thing that we can see as a fact is that for whatever reason there may be for such a fascination in any of us, generally we can say that we all have to be having this dream and desire to meet some of these famed personalities/celebrities as they get about some of the ordinary things that we as well get about in our daily life. Actually, one of these things that happens to be commonly used by all, the famed and little known of persons, is that of the use of the dating apps.

You may find it a little strange that some of these well known persons, with millions of followers worldwide, may actually have a need for a dating app for them to meet a date. However odd it may sound, the reality is that more than 30 million in the United States actually are active on these apps and sites and this is irrespective of their wealth status and fame or otherwise lack of it.

In this post, we will make mention of some of the celebrities that are found on Tinder whom you may just come across and find yourself swiping left or right on.

Be excused for your inclination to think of such celebrities on Tinder to be the B-list or C-list or the least known names. However, you need to appreciate the fact that when it comes to the dating apps, there are no such app categorizations as some for the famous and celebrities and otherwise and as such you will realize that the celebs will often be using just apps similar to the ones that we as well use and as such never be surprised meeting such names as Florence Welsh of the famed singing group Florence and the Machine, Eminem, Hilary Duff, Adam Rippon and many such world famed celebrity names on Tinder.

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