Exciting Activities You Can Engage in Northern California

More than 268 million go to California every year. Not all of them visit with trying to pursue a career as a Hollywood actor. The state hosts a lot more than sites with beautiful sceneries. You can have adventure tours in the wilderness and enjoy the spooky experience. Northern California hosts various quests fit for each hunter.
You may be into snowboarding and wonder where you can have some wonderful time; worry no more, make sure you visit Lake Tahoe, a snowboarding haven. Not only does the lake offer the best settings for snowboarding, it host some of the most striking and outstanding backdrop you will ever lay your hands on – you can locate spread-out woodlands and wildlife, flanked by the extending cliffs. You can have a feel of the ice on the famous winter sporting hills where you can have some snowboarding and skiing experience. It would be a nice idea to visit the Squaw Valley Resort that will offer the opportunity to have an Olympic like experience while gliding on the snowy slopes. If you do not like to travel in the winter, you can go during the summer where there you will get a selection of water games and events like kayaking, jet skiing among others.
You can wait till the night falls and go to Alcatraz that will only take a 15 minutes ferry ride from San Francisco. You will undoubtedly find it amusing checking around the historic prison where many of the world’s most renowned convicts spent time. Some still believe that the ghosts of the prisoners loiter in the various cells. It would be a thrilling experience if you would go on Alcatraz night tours; and have a spooky and adrenaline sparkling experience. The site will be spooky considering that the crowds will be reduced, the lights dimmer – a more ghost-like presence.
Additionally, you can have a wonderful experience on the American River. The famous river that has its source in the Sierra Nevada Mountains includes three focal forks, where every one of them has a particular outlook and water temperament. Those that want to have a beginner’s experience in rafting can go to the South Fork where the waters will be more forgiving than in other forks. However, for a daredevil you can try the Middle and North divergences. There are areas if the river forks that are safer for professional rafter who have been doing it for extended period – years to be exact. It would be a good idea that you first develop your rafting resume, then rides on the torrents with the assistance from a professional guide.
For campers and extreme hiking lovers, consider making Yosemite national park one of your trip destinations and have the best outdoor experience. Gear yourself with camping equipment like a tent, sleeping bag, torch among others, or if you do not like sleeping in the wild, you can stay at the hotels close to Yosemite.

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