Learn More About the Consequences and High Cost of DWI in Texas

If you are like most drivers in Texas, the last thing you would want is to find yourself on the wrong side of the law faced with DWI consequences. If not for anything else, the punishment will follow you for many years to come, not to mention the high price you will end up paying in various ways. Keep reading here for a basic guide on some of the costs all DWI drivers end up paying out of pocket.

To get you started, be advised you will be expected to pay more each time you repeat the costly mistake. Whenever there is a repeat of the same, the legal recourse means you end up paying a price that matches the magnitude of the DWI offense in question. For a first-time offender, you will be expected to pay $2000 from your pocket. Further, a first-time offender faces jail time of anywhere between three days and six months. There is also the possibility of having your DL canceled for a period of one year, and then paying an additional $1000 every year if you are to remain with your DL. Second time offenders, on the other hand, will have their penalties and cost doubled, with a fine of up to $4000, a one year jail term or more, and the license canceled for up to two years. Obviously, you will be paying more than $1000 every year just to have your license.

As if the cost of maintaining your car isnt high enough, you may need to pay more if you are to keep driving your car if you are a DWI driver. Say for example you are a second time offender in a span of 5 years or less, you should be ready to cough some cash for having your car on the road. This is in addition to paying the above-mentioned charges, the judge handling your case may have you install a special device in your car. The device acts as a Breathalyzer, and it is mandatory that you blow on it all the time before you start driving your car. Brace yourself to maintain that tiny device at the cost of $100 every month and note that this is mandatory in Texas when faced with DWI charges.

You may also be expected to enroll for a driving refresher course to learn and update yourself on the rules and regulations of driving in Texas. By the end of the lesson, you will also be reminded of the many DWI consequences Texas laws will have against you should you break the law.

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